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NFL Point Spreads: Amazingly Great Bet in Raiders-Broncos

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A quick look at the NFL point spreads and the best bet of the week jumps out at me in the Raiders-Broncos game. I've had this game pegged as a great bet for months. However, the bet I'd make on this one has changed. Let me explain.

After a disgustingly inept preseason, the Raiders find themselves three point underdogs to the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football. We saw lines prior to the preseason that had the Raiders two point underdogs. At that point, I thought this game was one of the best bets of the season. I am not as confident now.

The preseason rattled me. While I am still inclined to pick the Raiders in this one, I am not as confident as I was. We'll have much more on this matchup in the coming weeks, but I will say now that I am confident the Raiders can gash this team on the ground. I am not as confident that the can stop the Broncos passing attack.

Orton has been very efficient in the preseason, and the Raiders pass defense has been very inefficient.

Adding to the Raiders being underdogs is no doubt the fact that the Raiders haven't won in primetime in their last 11 games, and they haven't won on opening day in years.

If I was going to bet on this game, I'd take the over. It is at 40.5. This game could easily end up in the 50s. Last year, these two averaged 67.5 total points in two games, and these two teams seem even less equipped to handle each other this year.

Of course, I would probably also just bet on the Raiders straight up because I refuse to believe that this team will lose to Denver. And that is why I seldom bet money on the Raiders.