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Oakland Raiders Starting Wide Receivers: Who Should They Be?

The Oakland Raiders wide receiver position has been a revolving door of faceless vessels of suck  for almost a decade. The position has been a revolving door. That door is still revolving in 2011. However, there is one big difference, this group finally appears to be competent. 

One question remains as valid as ever though: Who should start in Week One?

Derek Hagan and Denarius Moore have been the most productive in the preseason. Darrius Heyward-Bey has shown signs of improvement, but he has also shown he is still Darrius Heyward-Bey. Jacoby Ford got very little preseason time, but we all saw what he is capable of. Chaz Schilens has had even less preseason time, but he is loaded with potential and he is healthy.

Louis Murphy would definitely be in this mix if he weren't out for the opener.

So, who should it be? I'd post a poll, but all the different combinations would take too long to list.

If it was me making the call, I'd go with Jacoby Ford and Derek Hagan. Ford earned it last year, and he has shown great chemistry with Campbell, and he brings the big play explosion.

Then I'd start Chaz Schilens on the opposite side—if he is truly 100 percent. Schilens has the tools to start, and they may as well throw him out there while he is healthy.

All of this said, I am still fully expecting DHB to start, and my guess is Ford will be the other starter.