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2011 NFL Schedule: On the Doorstep of Ultimate Awesomeness

Merry awesomest day of the year everyone! I don't pose that statement lightly either. This day had serious competition for being the awesomest day of the year, but after intense deliberation, I've concluded that today is indeed higher on the awesome scale than its closest competitor. That being the day of the Raiders first game. 

Today is all anticipation and sugar plumb visions. We have 22 weeks of intense NFL action at the doorstep, and it is time to open the door. 

There are some great games this week. It starts with New Orleans rolling into Green Bay tonight. On Sunday, Ravens vs. Steelers, Jets vs. Cowboys and Atlanta vs. Chicago highlight an action packed day. Then, of course, the NFL—with new found infinite wisdom—saved the best for last. The Raiders will roll into Denver to destroy the Broncos, and introduce the NFL to the new bully on the block.

Darren McFadden will be the toast of the NFL after he rushes for 375 yards and 4 TDs. It's going to be great. The next five days are going to be orgasm inducing. Welcome to Nirvana.