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For All Of Our Tailgaters Out There: Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon Contests

One of the best things about football season is hanging out with our NFL families, grillin', chillin' and sippin' before and after the games. One company that definitely gets this "Beast of Bourbon", Buffalo Trace Straight Kentucky Bourbon and they are running multiple contests for football fans.

The one that I would like us to win the most is the Grillin' contest:

Just upload your recipe so Saloon members can vote on it. Each shot counts as one vote with a range of 1 to 5 shots that you can give. You get to vote once every 24 hours, even for your own recipe. We'll keep a running total in our rankings page above and announce the winner at the end of the month! Each month the shots will reset so if you miss out one month, you can still win in another.

Recipes must contain Buffalo Trace bourbon to be eligible to win the monthly prize.

I know that Trei's ribs or one of Brhynno's concoctions should win one of these contests. the winners get $250 and there is a new winner picked every month!

There is also a Football Pickem' that lasts throughout the football season and the Grand Prize sends you and a guest to Kentucky to, well, basically, spend two days getting DRUNK:

  • Transportation for you and a guest to Kentucky
  • 2 nights stay at a hotel in Lexington
  • Private, behind the scenes tour of Buffalo Trace Distillery

This would be a nice break for Mrs. Saint and I, so I will be playing! Cheers!