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Oakland Raiders: Kevin Boss Likely Out Against Broncos

The Oakland Raiders are apparently going to roll into their Monday Night opener against the Broncos without the services of TE Kevin Boss. This is a huge bummer. With the VonDoom edge rushing attack of the Broncos the Raiders could have definitely used Boss in this one.

The news comes to us from a tweet by Vittorio Tafur, who was at the Raiders night practice.

Brandon Myers will take his place in the starting lineup. Myers is a decent enough blocker. I am sure he will do a solid job. He just won't do the bullying job that Boss is capable of. This also opens the door for David Ausberry to get some snaps and flash his receiving skills.

Hopefully, his absence doesn't matte. It would be nice to see the Raiders are so busy running the ball right up the middle, their tight end will never come into play. Just grab the win in Denver, and hope Boss is ready for Week 2.