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Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos: Video of Brawl from '93

The Denver Broncos and the Oakland/LA Raiders do not like each other. This rivalry has had its share of heated moments. No one moment may have been as heated as this one.

Le-Lo Lang flew in low on Jeff Hostetler's knees as he was running out of bounds. Hos didn't appreciate and went after Lang. Lang then got in Hos's face and stayed there until Steve Wisniewski comes flying out of nowhere and destroys Lang.

No one involved in that action got a penalty! However, Tyrone Braxton did. Braxton was roughing up Tim Brown and Brown gave Braxton a shove at the end of the play. Braxton then took a shot at Brown's head. Braxton got a penalty for the fighting and the hold. He was the only person that got a penalty.

He also caught a few shots from a dude or coach from the Raiders that came flying in off the sidelines. Brown went onto to dominate this game with 11 catches for 173 yards and 2 TDs. 

I just want to say that I love the fact that Wisniewski came flying in to the aid of Hostetler. You can't let people take cheap shots at your QB. Even if it may draw a 15-yard penalty.

Thanks to Ghost Raider for posting this in the comments. The Raiders won this game 33-30 in OT. They then beat the Broncos the next week in the AFC Wild Card game 42-24

Raiders v Broncos Brawl 93 (via raiders247online)