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Oakland Raiders Name Their Captains

RB Rock Cartwright, P Shane Lechler, DT Richard Seymour, QB Jason Campbell and RB Darren McFadden are your 2011 Oakland Raider captains. Solid choices on all fronts. They were voted on by the team.

Cartwright is a hard working back and special teams standout. He is always willing to do what the team asks, and he is prepared to do it.

Lechler is the master of his craft, and he is probably the only third string quarterback that is a captain.

Richard Seymour is the unquestioned leader of this team. He is the center of the heart of this team on the defensive line.

Jason Campbell has assumed more of a leadership role this year. His teammates rewarded him by voting him captain. Now he just needs to assert himself on the field and take control of this offense.

For my money, Darren McFadden is the most talented player on this team. He is going to be the focal point of this offense. How far we have come from this point last year when McFadden was carrying the bust label.