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Looking For An Edge? Try Un-Stickum And Let Your Soul Glo!

From time to time the few brain cells that I have left upstairs manage to come together and create some friction. This heat causes a brilliant thought. Last night, just such a thing happened.

It has become apparent that NFL refs allow some degree of holding on every play. I mean, they want to protect the quarterback and it makes sense to allow a minor infraction on every play in order to keep the signal callers in the game and avoid serious injuries as best they can.

One of the most common infractions that goes uncalled is when an offensive lineman takes hold of the shoulder pads and grabs a bit of pad and jersey.

Well, last night, I had a thought, "What if the defensive line put some sort of slippery gel on their shoulder pads?". I mean think about it, the offensive lineman would be left with nothing but clear slime every time they tried to grab the pads and the defender would be free to wreak havoc on the opposition.

In the old days, DB's and WR's alike used "Stickum" to hold onto the ball, imagine what "Un-Stickum" could do for Defensive Linemen.

I think that it would work. In order to get it to fly, we may need to get the entire D-Line to sport "Jerry Curls" to defend the use of "Jerry Curl Juice", but there is no doubt that "Soul Glo" could lead to a few more sacks a year for each lineman!


Just Let Your Soul Glo!!!