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Norv Turner Reportedly Will Be Fired Following Raiders Game

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Norv Turner will be coaching his last game for the Chargers on Sunday. At least according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union Tribune. Acee:

Norv Turner, the man whose winning percentage is tied as the highest among the 14 head coaches the Chargers have ever employed, is all but certain to be fired next week.

So, what does this report mean for the game on Sunday? Not much, probably. I don't expect Turner to coach with any less gusto or his players to play with any less intensity. The Chargers knew this fate was going to be a reality when they were eliminated from the playoffs last weekend.

They are going to come out in this game and try to get a win. It will be up to the Raiders to beat that out of them. The Raiders need to put it to the Chargers early to rip their heart out of the game. The longer they let them hang around, the longer the Chargers will play hard with the chance to spoil their rivals season.

If the Raiders can lay the smack down early, the quicker the Chargers will be looking forward to the season to limp to an end.