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Chargers vs. Raiders: Go Jets and Texans Early Game Thread

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Are you ready for the biggest Raider game in almost a decade? Well we still have a few hours to wait, but that game will be filled with even more meaning if the Jets win and/or the Titans lose during the early slate of games.

If either of those occur, the Raiders will be in a position to take the wild card if the Bengals lose to the Ravens while the Raiders beat the Chargers.

In that scenario, the only thing that would keep the Raiders from the wild card would be if the Broncos lose to the Chiefs. In that case, the Raiders would be AFC West champions.

If the Raiders are the wild card team, they will travel to Houston, where they already won a game this season. If they win the division, they will host the Steelers or Ravens. If the Ravens beat the Bengals today, the wild card will be the Steelers. If the Ravens lose, and the Steelers beat the Browns, Baltimore will be the wild card.