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Oakland Raider Conference Call Pre-Thread: Will There Be A Projector?

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In the most anticipated Oakland Raider press conference since Lane Kiffin was broken down by an overhead projector, the Oakland Raiders will announce the firing of a head coach, the hiring of a GM and who knows what else.

The Press Conference will be held at 2PM PST, at team headquarters in Alameda.

I wondered on twitter a bout whether or not John Madden and/or Ron Wolf will be in attendance. Seeing that both men were instrumental in the short interview process, I wonder if they will be a part of today's conference? My guess is that today, we will get our first glance at who has been calling the shots for the past few months and who will be calling them for the foreseeable future.

If I were able to secure a press pass today, I would have wanted to know if Mr. Davis' plans for the team after he passed were ever made public to him. What a story that would be eh?

"Al Davis Has His Plan Carried Out From The Grave"

What would you want to know and what are you looking forward to finding out?

(We'll have the proper link up once we are certain of the feed)