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Oakland Raiders Head Coach Open Thread

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The possibilities for the next Raiders head coach are more endless than they've ever been. Al Davis never believed in paying coaches top dollar. Instead, he usually opted for young up and comers, mixed in with the occasional and disastrous desperate retread.

Now, who knows? They may break the bank for a big name coach. Although, I am skeptical. Most of the big names like Gruden or Cower are looking for a certain amount of power that McKenzie is not going to yield. But that doesn't mean we can't speculate and drool about it.

Of course, the other big reason is the fact that it seems very likely that McKenzie will bring someone from Green Bay with him i.e. Winston Moss.

And you know what is cool about speculating about Winston Moss? He is a defensive coach. That was another possibility that used to be out of the question.

So have it. Go ahead and dream out loud, be pragmatic or approach this however else you want. This is our chance to dream about the endless possibility of coaches that we, as Raiders fans, have never experienced.