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Oakland Raider News: What Do We Know Right Now?

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As the dust settles from yesterday's rumbler, a few things have become clear:

1) Reggie McKenzie has complete control over the Oakland Raiders:

Mark Davis was adamant that Reggie will oversee the football team, as he termed it, "The football side of the house", while Mark turns his eye toward the stadium issue and the operational side of things.

2) The Raiders will hire a Head Coach regardless of whether they are an offensive or defensive mind and Head Coaching experience is not a requirement:

This appears to me to be an endorsement of current Green Bay Packer Linebackers Coach, Winston Moss. At this point Moss is the worst kept secret in the NFL. Moss is Reggie's guy and it would take a huge push from Jon Gruden or someone of his standing to take the reigns of Oakland's team on the field.

3) Mark Davis made the trade for Carson Palmer:

In yesterday's Press Conference, Mark Davis stepped up and took responsibility for the trade that sent two high draft picks (1st in 2012 and 2nd in 2013) to Cincinnati for Carson Palmer. He also took responsibility for the hiring of Reggie McKenzie, going as far as saying, "I waited 3 months to get my guy".

4) No job is safe in Oakland:

McKenzie said that every facet of the organization will be looked at, all the way down to the guys checking the tickets and parking the cars.

5) Al Davis is still alive and well in Alameda:

When Mark Davis was answering the question about his father leaving plans behind for how to run the organization, the light mysteriously went out and the screen for the projector started to come down. Seriously. I have not heard the answer for why that happened, but, to me, Al was about to show everyone his plan.

So, what else do we know after yesterday's conference call?