Opinion: Who stays, who goes, who should come.

Well Raider Nation, again after anotherseason in which we were supposed to improve, we find ourselves talking about next season the day after Week 17 Sunday. I cant begin to stress how dissapointed I am so lets not get into that, I wanted to share ideas of how we should prepare for next year position by position, more after the jump.

So not having the first 4 rounds hurts, but we have a couple of compensatory 3rd rounds for Zach and Nnamdi, we should only use these picks for depth. At the end of the post I have what should be, in my opinion, the final depth chart for 2012.

Coaching Staff-

Hue: Stays

Chuck: GONE (Del Rio, Spagnuolo, Nolan)

Saunders: Stays

Woodson: Gone (Lets accept that he was one great player but coaching isnt his thing)


QB: Palmer has to stay, and lets just get through our heads, I understand if some of you dont like him but you cant have blind faith, the guy is our QB for 2012, like him or not. I do like him, again, like Ive always said, what if JC had come in the situation that Palmer came in? QB is a complex position in which you just cant come in and start playing like Brady, Palmer had no control over what was traded for him and moving forward all we can do is support him, JC will be gone. Dont bring in anyone, just drop Boller to 3 in the depth chart and move Pryor to 2. Pryor looks ready to take the backup role, Boller plain sucks and he is an acceptable 3 option, or you may want to dump him and bring in another bum, but I really dont care about 3.

RB: DMac stays, the man is very injury prone but at teh end of the day we all saw that Bush cant be an effective starter, he is pretty good but he will collapse at some point, even if DMac keeps missing 5 games a year we need his spark as long as we can have it. Trading one of the best for a draft pick ''the future'' is just dumb. That future can be another DMac but he can be another bust, DMac has shown he can be a dangerous weapon and believe me that if we let him go it will bite us in the ass. Bush is gone, someone will grab him because he will ask for a starting job with money, he wont work out that well for them though, we need to bring in a replacement for Bush, that to me is Mike Tolbert. The guy is as strong, if not stronger than Bush, has about the same speed and is very effective.

FB: Reece, hands down.

WR: Ive heard a lot of you talking about picking up Wayne or Bowe, listen up, we dont need those. We have DHB, Moore, and Ford. Ford was not used the best way he can be used this year because he was moved to the no.2 option, keep the man in the slot...he is a little Wes Welker, DHB and Moore as wideouts and maybe get Hagan back, keep Murphy for depth and dump Schilens. We have 3 starters and 2 more recievers for depth. Maybe we could draft a WR in a compensatory pick or in a trade, to add depth.

TE: Boss is definitely a blocking TE, aside from yesterdays outstanding catch, he isnt that reliable as a catcher, Myers can block decently, and can catch well, he is a little of both, not great but not bad either, and Ausberry is a WR turned into a TE, definitely a catching TE, we have a nice combo of 3, keep them all and dont bring in anyone who we wont use.

O-Line: As simple as getting a better right side, Valdheer and Wiz will only get better, we have no center though, Satele is not durable and struggles a lot. Carlisle should just retire, he was good but he is past his best days and is just ineffective, put in Bruce Campbell and give him a chance, and put in Barksdale at RT, if any of those is a bum which I doubt, bring in one free agent.

Defense: Switch to 3-4, thats what Ive been saying every time lol. Here is what I say we should do, trade Seymour (who isnt the leader anymore, and is getting old and slow) for a 2nd rounder, and use that 2nd rounder on a big, BIG nose tackle, a little John Henderson. Put Kelly and Shaugnessy at DEs. Wimbley and Curry would fit very well in a 3-4, they would be doing what Clay Matthews does, which is rushing the QB and blitzing a lot, they wouldnt be matched up against Vincent Jackson right??

MLBs: McClain and Goethel, bring in some depth in free agency.

OLBs: Wimbley and Curry, same here bring in some depth.

FS: Here is another thing, trade Huff for a 3rd rounder as someone will bite too. Use the 3rd rounder on either a WR or one of the LBs that will be depth. think that we should move Lito to FS, the guy is quick and has a good attitude, but is too small to be a CB in our system, he understands deep zone coverage very well and would do what Rod Woodson did at the end of his career, move from CB to S when you start being a little ineffective.

SS: Have Branch and Mitchell switching in different situations, those 2 I think should stay, maybe they will improve a little in coverage but that is just hope, I think they can improve though.

CB: Routt is a very good CB and you have to understand that, half of his penalties are actually BS, his discipline kills but he can shut down pretty much ANY no.1 reciever if you stick him to them, proof of that is how our stats reveal that we have pretty good numbers against no.1s but stuggle A LOT against no.2s, Calvin Johnson getting like 250 yards and a couple of TDs or no.1s getting a lot of numbers against us is when we play zone. The stats of us shutting down no.1s are when we use Man coverage, and that is what we are built to do, that is why I think we should bring in another lockdown guy like Cortland Finnegan. I have said it too, the man is really competitive, a leader and a lockdown corner, he does get into trouble but normally dont lead to penalties, he just has some extra fire but he doesnt have a history of penalites, aside from his fight with Andre Johnson he didnt get into major trouble and he can be a real leader. Keep developing Chekwa and DVD, the 2 were rookies be patient, if Al knew anything about modern day football it was CBs. Just wait, Nnamdi wasnt a start when he was a rookie either.

So, here is the final depth chart:

QB: Palmer, Pryor, Boller (or a free agent, not someone important maybe just one team hopper)

RB: DMac, Tolbert, Jones.

FB: Reece, Tonga

WR: Moore, DHB, Ford, Hagan (draft pick, maybe)

TE: Boss, Myers, Ausberry.

O-Line (from left to right): Valdheer, Wiz, (Free Agent), Campbell, Barksdale (or Free Agent)

DE: Shaugnessy, Kelly, (Free Agent to add depth) (Compensatory Pick)

DT: Joh Henderson, (Draft pick a 2nd rounder so we have a standout college player, maybe that dude from Clemson)

MLB: McClain, Goethel (Free Agent)

OLB: Wimbley, Curry (Compensatory pick)

CB: Routt, Finnegan, Chekwa, DVD

FS: Sheppard, Eugene

SS: Branch/Mitchell

As for STs I think we are good, we just need Hiram Eugene to come back next season as our gunner, maybe a free agent that can be on the other side but we are good.