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Oakland Raiders Coaching Search: Dennis Allen Emerges as First Front Runner

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The Raider coaching search keeps on winding, but now it appears to be narrowing the wind. They are reportedly going to bring Denver Broncos defensive coordinator in for a second interview.


This process is really dragging out—not that that is a bad thing—it is just a little surprising. Once the Packers lost, it seemed likely that the coaching search would soon be over. Wrong!

Quick side story: Due to an amazingly brutal storm that produced a panic inducing two inches of snow I lost power for five days. I was cast into the dark ages with only the rudimentary text messaging system to connect me to the outside world.

In between hunting and foraging for nuts, berries and little overweight children I would check my messages and kept expecting to see news of a new coaching hire, and when none appeared, I assumed I must have just fallen out of the loop somehow.

Then when the gods bestowed power upon me once again I was shocked to see that they hadn't hired a coach, but a front runner had appeared, and that is the above mentioned Mr. Allen. End of side story

On the surface, Allen seems like a great candidate. He was in his first year with the Broncos, and his first as a DC in the NFL, and that defense outperformed their miserable expectations. That defense has some talent, but it is also woefully incomplete.

Denver finished 22nd in rushing yards allowed, which is fairly unimpressive until you consider that was a defense that had nothing but question marks at defensive tackle, and pass rushers on the edge.