Welcome Dennis Allen, Head Coach of Our Oakland Raiders

"He must have a military background, that's the first thing I thought of. Must have been in the military or had that in his family background, some way or another. That's the way he carries himself," cornerback Andre Goodman said. "His thing is discipline, discipline, discipline. Do everything right, all the time, and never let up."

This is the quote from the Denver Post article by Lindsay H. Jones that Ghost Raider posted that really makes me excited about the future with Dennis Allen as our head coach. I know for a fact that I am not the only one that had their attention captured by that particular quote. Those are the kind of words that we need to hear our own players speaking about our new coach. Even more importantly than speaking those words is embracing them and having the effect of them show on the field.

I like this hire from Reggie McKenzie because it addresses the two major problems that cost us a shot at the playoffs this past year under Hue Jackson: Penalties and Defense. We needed this type of military discipline head coach to come in and make the players accountable. Each and every one of those players needs to know that bone head penalties are what cost us games.

When you extend a team's drive because you decided you needed to hit that Quarterback after he let go of the ball, you are handing that other team an extra opportunity. Anybody who does anything competitively knows that when you give your opponent an extra opportunity when they thought they were done you are going to pay for it. Now we seem to have a coach that is going to make sure that each player on our team knows that these things can not happen anymore. It is up to Allen to make sure that it is ingrained in our players in a way that it has never been. It is a tough job, hopefully he is the right man for it.

The fact that Dennis Allen is a defensive coach is a great thing for our next head coach though. Nothing says this is a different team more than doing something that has not been done since the 60's. It still leaves major questions unanswered about who is going to be running the offense. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that we can retain Al Saunders. Coming on to our team and showing the team he is willing to work with them by keeping their offensive coordinator would not be a bad way to gain the team's trust.

Al knows our players and can keep some continuity with our offense. He is a high intensity coach that would mix well with Allen's fast and aggressive style. Lets all hope that Dennis Allen will agree that this is the guy to run our offense, because (as recently pointed out to me by an excellent fellow poster Lakers007Raiders) too much change can definitely be detrimental. A whole new offense does not necessarily spell doom, but it does have a higher probability of failing in the first year of implementing it.

The thing that does disappoint me about this hire is that he is a rookie again. He is going to be making some of the same mistakes that we have despised for too long. That means there will be frustrating moments that veteran coaches might not have put us through. Oh well, there is nothing we can do now. This is the path that we have chosen and sometimes it works out pretty damn well, like Jim Harbaugh with our Bay Area rivals. Sometimes it does not as shown with our very own pinstripe suit wearing former coach Jackson.

The start of our new era arrives with Dennis Allen as Head Coach. Lets give him a warm welcome and hope that he is capable of solving our greatest weaknesses. He will have to learn quickly that the refs really do hate us and it will take extra clean play to wipe out many of the penalties that are called on the Silver and Black. You have a lot of work to do Mr. Allen, please give us your all and prove to the world that we belong back on top. We have been through way too much to start losing all over again.