QB situation for 2012

As most of you know I am a Palmer supporter, but I would like to get a feel of where the entire Nation is regarding the QBs for the comming season. People argue that Campbell didnt turn it over and looked in sync and others argue Palmer didnt have an offseason and should be given time. Some people dont like Palmer due to the fact he was the one broughtin to ''stab Campbell in the back'' and think he was overpaid. Now, I do think we overpaid, but Palmer can still prove he is worth it by making something happen next season. No doubt he has the physical tools but he made some questionable decisions at times. With that being said I think Palmer is safe to at least get to training camp and show he still has it. But anything can happen, what do you think we should do?? Feel free to give your feedback on the situation or ideas not mentioned in this post (I didnt really give away ANY ideas but oh well). Please no Palmer loving or Campbell loving bias though, real opinions on what is best for the Raiders, peace.