2012 Mock Draft, Free Agency and My Take on the Raiders

<br /><br /><br /><br /><p> <!-- extended entry --> </p> So I decided to make a simple mock draft and free agency. We understand as a fanbase where our team needs fill holes, and where are our weaknesses. Personally I think the Raiders have found the coach in Dennis Allen and I am even more excited after todays presser. He seemed to beleive in what he sells and is willing to make the players, fanbase, and organization as a whole believe it too. We dont have many picks this year but I think we could make some moves to get us a few more picks, I always want to get a feel of where the Nation is on these posts and comment on it, give feedback. So, again, feel free to give your opinion. The area of concern, to me, is the Defensive side of the ball and the right side of the line, along with a LG. There is where we should use the picks, in my opinion. So here is the Mock Draft.

Round 2 (Michael Huff and Chris Johnson)- Fletcher Cox, DT Mississippi State, 6'4'' 295. - Is known as a big physical specimen with enough frame to add 15-20 more pounds. Very good pass rusher who jumps the snap effectively and bull rushes the defender well. Good lateral agility though he struggles with the leverage battle. Good upper body strenght and violent hands help dis engage quickly, penetrates gaps quickly.

Round 3 (Comp pick for Nnamdi) - Trevor Guyton, DT, Cal. 6'3'' 280. He is a decent pass rusher with great lateral agility, really a 3-4 DE but is a project for a 4-3 DT in the NFL. Run stuffer with a great jump snap who can chase RBs to the sideline and to the middle.

Round 4 (Comp for Miller)- Brandon Lindsey DE Pittsburgh, 6'2'' 255. Very good pass rusher who gets off blocks very well, can bull rush and jumps the snap very well. strong punch into the chest of tackle to create space and shed to either side. Also spins off blocks to disengage. Gets off tight end blocks easily to flow to the ball. Gets low and creates piles in short-yardage situations.

Round 5 - Rishaw Johnson, RG California (PA), 6'4'' 309. Not a lot of scouting reports, he is a good underrated G because of the late practice at RT, original RG who could develop into an NFL avarage RG up ''at worst''.

Round 6 - Tyler Nielsen, OLB Iowa, 6'3'' 235. Excellent in coverage. Stays with tight ends and receivers in the slot with very good straight-line speed and change of direction ability for his size. Discipline, aware zone defender, does not vacate his area despite initial receiver heading downfield. Has the strength to hold the edge in the nine-technique against large tight ends and linemen. Good quickness to attack ballcarriers when playing near the line, breaks down and wraps legs to make the stop. Runs a 4.54 40 yard dash.

Round 7 (Dez Bryant, next year's 7th rounder)- Ryan Miller, LG Colorado, 6'7'' 326. Possesses tackle size and strength, along with natural bend. Strong punch knocks back or re-routes rushers. Tough anchor, hard to move against bull rushes. Owns lateral agility to help tackle if uncovered, hustles around the pocket if defender could get secondary rush. Powerful run blocker capable of moving tackles out of the hole with his upper body. Stays low despite his height to get leverage, moves his feet to push the pile or maintain the line of scrimmage. Agile enough to block on the move, whether coaches move the pocket or using his frame and quick feet to ensure defender is cleared on zone plays.

So that is the draft. If you know any prospects that would be better it wouldnt hurt.

FA: Paul Soliai (about 5 mill), Peyton Hillis (about 4 mill) and Cortland Finnegan (about 8 mill) are the big names, while Derek Hagan and Braylon Edwards are the cheap ones. The sum of all of these guys is about 17 mill. With the Huff trade we immediately get 8 mill back, and Johnson is 3 mill. We need to re-structure Palmer to get 2 mill off of him, 2 mill off of Routt and 2 mill off of Kelly, with that we have 17 mill available to get all 3. 2 mill off of those guys contract isnt that much, plus they know they wont be getting paid as much as they are here on any other team, so its pretty much take the cut or hit the road. With the draft and free agency we have the D-Line for the hybrid 3-4/4-3 D covered. We get a good CB opposite of Routt, who is good, just not worth his contract. Tyvon at FS and Mike Mitchell at SS. McClain (sophomore slump) I look for him to improve, Curry is beast and we can use Wimbley as a DE opposite of rookie Brandon Lindsey. The Strongside LB position would be taken over by rookie Tyler Nielsen. Both Guards drafted would take over the starting position while Wiz moves to C. Vhaldeer at LT and Barksdale at RT. Hillis splits carries with DMC to take the workload off of DMC while Jones gets 5-6 touches a game.

Secondary would be: Routt, Branch, Mitchell, Finnegan.

LBs (4-3) Nielsen/, McClain, Curry. (3-4) Wimbley, McClain, Curry (natural ILB for the 3-4), Nielsen/Lindsey).

D-Line (4-3) Lindsey/Wilmbley, Seymour, Cox/Guyton, Shaugnessy/Houston. (3-4) Seymour/Guyton, Soliai, Kelly/Cox.

QBs: Palmer, Henne, Pryor
RBs: DMC, Hillis, Jones
WRs: X-DHB Z- D Moore, Slot-Ford (mis used as Z or X, slot natural, all his big games are in the slot), 4th-Louis MurphyEdwards, 5th-Housh/Hagan.
TE: Blocking: Boss, Receiving: Ausberry, Decent in both departments, not outstanding: Myers.
O-Line: (left to right) Valdheer (3rd year), Miller(Rookie), Wiz(2nd year), Johnson(rookie), Barksdale(2nd year). That is my vision for the team, hope its a good read for you guys and hoping I get my feedback lol, GO RAIDERS!