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Oakland Raider Rumors: Greg Knapp Is Rumored To Be New OC:

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There you have it. The Oakland Raider offense that was semi-resurrected after Cable, Knapp and J-Russ ran it into the ground is back, with two exceptions. Tom Cable and JaMarcus Russell will not be in Oakland this year, or any other for that matter, but, Greg Knapp is reportedly back in Oakland. (Source: Wiki)

I am neutral on this one, but, am tilting toward, "What are you thinking?".

Knapp is a well known West Coast offensive coordinator who's best days were at the head of San Francisco and Atlanta's offense from 2001-2006. Interestingly enough, he was replaced in Atlanta by Hue Jackson after he and Jim Mora Jr. were fired following the 2006 season.

This is a bit of a head-scratcher because the strength of this Raider team is power running and getting the receivers downfield.

He failed in Oakland and was stripped of his play calling duties by Tom Cable and then was one and done with Jim Mora Jr. in Seattle.

This is not the type of move I was hoping for. I was hoping for an offensive coordinator, like, ummmmm, Al Saunders. An experienced OC who is one of the most respected minds in the game who would be a strong pillar for a young coach, not a retread who football seems to have passed by.

You Thoughts Raider Nation?