Darren McFadden: Keep him or Trade him

So we decided to make a post about this since weve seen the Raider Nation kind of split on this topic. DMac is a great player I think we all can agree on that but he very injury prone, this has caused a lot of different ideas for people, having different scenarios of trading him or making him take a paycut or just keeping him due to the spark he provides to the offense, here is my take on this topic, more after the jump...

What if we trade him?? I say no. Lets get real for a second in here, we would be trading our present for a futre, which would have as well as very good, dangerous potential. By that I mean the pick, even if it was a 1st rounder, would mean that we are prone to drafting another Russell, we could as well get an Aarian Foster, but this is just too risky. If the draft pick comes out negativily, you will want to trade the bust for DMac back. The trade would bite us in the ass, Ive said it before and I will keep on saying it.

DMac has had injuries all of his career making him miss at least 3 games a season, that is my only argument, with that I think I have said it al, I rest my case. Really though, do we really need to be having this post in here?? I think DMac is actually a normal back without injury problems, lets take a look at his career stats.

2008- 13 Games

2009- 12 Games

2010- 13 Games

2011- 6 Games

So, we see he has missed at least 3 per season, but not more than 4, obviously except for this season. Not perfect but not poor either, this season he had a season ending injury, that is just unlucky because it doesnt happen that often. If he can bring a spark to the offense for at least 12 games a season then Im all for it. I do believe he needs surgery to strenghten his foot a little bit. Remember he was benched too and missed games not because of injury. I think the guy will have 12-13 games a season for about 7 or 8 years until he starts getting really old.

Another thing that scares me is the fact that Bush will not be consistent half of the time. Bush depends too much on the O-Line and gets stuffed a whole game, he is not THAT great as we have said he is. He wants starter money and the actual chance of being a starter. We cant give him that, he will go, Taiwan Jones is too early to tell if it was just a normal injury or if he is injury prone, we need to keep DMac, we have seen how the offense looks with him out there.

I still think there is a lot of people who overreacted and were mad at DMac for not being tough enough, and may be re-thinking this, we need to be smart here, it is just too risky to give away a star player for someone we dont know how will turn out. Plus like Ive tried to show he isnt THAT injury prone, a surgery could make up. Another thing Ive noticed is that some of you turn your backs on people on the organization too damn early, Im talking about Palmer, DMac, Routt, Boss, McClain....This is my take on this, your opinion is always welcome.