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Oakland Raiders Hire of Reggie McKenzie is a Fantastic Move

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The Oakland Raiders future is in great hands. Green Bay Packers director of football operations Reggie McKenzie is going to be the Raiders next GM. The club has yet to confirm this, but there is every reason to believe this is a done deal.

Adam Schefter first tweeted the news.


Adding validity to these reports, McKenzie confirmed it himself via a text message to ESPN's Jason Wilde.

McKenzie has been in the Packers front office in some capacity since 1994. This job is a long time coming for McKenzie. He has been an integral part of one of the best front offices for almost two decades.

It remains to be seen in what ways, if any, McKenzie style will differ from the Packers. While in Green Bay, he served under GM's Ron Wolf, Mike Sherman and Ted Thompson. Thompson, like McKenzie, learned the ropes from Wolf.

That philosophy is not much different than what Al Davis had been employing: build the team with explosive players through the draft. Now, obviously, the Packers don't put as much emphasis on 40 times, but they have certainly drafter their share of great athletes over the years.

This certainly isn't an ideal position for a new GM. He is going to be over the gap. Also, he is not going to have a first and second round draft pick this year, and will only have a third and fourth if the Raiders are awarded one via compensatory compensation.

I am confident McKenzie can make this work. This is a great hire.

Thanks to Ghost Raider, who first posted this news on site.