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Oakland Raiders Thoughts: Is It Time To Turn The Page On Hue Jackson?

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Man oh man, Raider Nation, this was a very painful season. We lost Al Davis, and a game in week 17 to a hated Division rival to get bounced from the Playoffs. The ups and downs are literally unchartable and between you and I, I am ready to TURN the page.

It is no secret that I have Man-Love for Hue Jackson. From the first day that I met him he was cordial while also being direct. I really rooted for him this season and appreciated the reverence that he felt for Al Davis while carrying himself as a gentleman and a man's man, "I'll be drinking a few Irish Coffee's". Unfortunately for Hue, Mr. Davis passed away too soon to really groom him and he was a rookie coach floating in the breeze who was overwhelmed by the circumstance of having to be a rookie Head Coach, GM and personnel guy all at once because there was literally nobody in Alameda to handle any of those tasks. While it is an impossible position to be in, it is what was left after his mentor passed and unfortunately he failed the test.

Anyone with half a brain could see the extremely tough situation that he was left in and could make exceptions for the fact that he wore too many hats and dealt with a staggering number for injuries to key players while playing out the string with a puppet for a DC who was also missing his master.

What will be difficult for a new GM to overlook is that Hue has placed himself as the head of the organization and even thought he should be included in the search for a new GM. No new GM wants someone under them that they in ANY way perceive as being unloyal or who may have a few axes to grind.

What will also be difficult to overlook is that the team did not play for him down the stretch and that the Raiders were the most penalized team in NFL history. The team SEVERELY lacked discipline and that is one of the major jobs of the Head Coach.

It is also difficult for me, personally, to see his clock management, play calling and game management decisions on a weekly basis. (Not going for two and the end of the 1st half against SD)

I want to know what you think of Hue and make your case heard here. Should he join the new regime or should someone else come in? Are his bridges with McKenzie already burned or are they already connected in some great master plan?

Personally, I would like to see him get another shot over bringing in another rookie who will have to figure everything out and is NOT a proven commodity.

Now, if Jon Gruden or another coach with a Super Bowl ring or 100 victories is out there and would like to come here, I'm all ears, but stop the talk of Winston Moss coming over here as a rookie and being any better than Hue. Afterall, he did go 8-8 in one of the most difficult seasons of All-Time for a Raider Head Coach. I mean, if Chaz Schilens catches the damn ball there was no Tebow-Mania yesterday.

Cheers Nation, I want to hear from you, so, pipe up!