Enough with new-age experiments; Get back to Raider football

The current schemes of Dennis Allen and his lackeys - on both sides of the ball - are nothing but a failed experiment, an idea born in a vacuum without taking reasonable account of the realities- the triumph (only) of ivory tower theory over practical wisdom.

So, what must our Raiders do? Clearly, they cannot go like this. McKenzie and Allen took the 2nd best rushing offense in the league and overnight converted into a ZBS that has so far attained the lowest results possible - 32nd rushing Offense.

Consider the 2010 Raiders, Oakland was 2nd in the league in sacks but now they are at the bottom. Our players, I've heard, "felt pretty good" at halftime against Pittsburgh, down as they were by (only?) 4 pts. This, alone, should either sadden you or make you mad.

For starters, I suggest Reggie McKenzie do the following:

First, require Carson Palmer run the Offense, call the plays and make the adjustments - including sending out and calling in personnel. The man has a great arm, touch, and football mind. Everything must be done to give him a second or two more to do what he was born to do on earth.

Second, promote Al Saunders as OC to work each week's gameplan in collaboration with Palmer and Allen.

Third, bench McClain and have Burris or someone else brought in (the organization has at least $5 million in reserve -use it!).

Fourth, and by no means least, return at once to the Power Blocking Scheme. Never forget the '76 Raiders - they converted to PBS mid-season and went all the way to the SB ... and won it. The PBS is really basic, it puts a man on a man and the toughest guy wins. Remember too, Al was a PBS enthusiast and picked all the best OLinemen we have with the PBS in mind.

Fifth, STOP playing soft on Defense. It has never worked for Oakland. On the contrary, when the Raiders have run wild and free, when they've come with abandon - with the speed and strength that God and Al provided the team, it is then that fumbles, sacks, interceptions, and offensive chaos have resulted time and time again. So, back to bump-n-run and send a Safety (Mitchell, Branch, Huff) or the the OLBs Wheeler or Burris. We've got to relentlessly attack at all times - period.

We all love the Raiders. I don't know why many do, but I loved them for decades because they took risks, played on the edge, took no prisoners nor asked (or were given) any quarter. They were clutch and cool and finished strong. What we have now is so not Raider football. It must become Raider football again.