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S&BP reader earns week 5 top overall spot in Pick 6

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We have a milestone here at Siver & Black Pride. Mark it down folks, as of week five of the 2012 season, a Silver & Black Pride reader had the top overall score across the entire SB Nation Pick 6. Everyone congratulate wv_boilrmkr for their impressive 110.6 score and making S&BP proud to sit atop the overall leaderboard.

Week 5 was Clearance week in Pick 6 in which there were some great deals on some great talent. As a result, there was a shakeup in the top ten this week. Not a single S&BP reader returned to the top ten from last week. However a few former top ten players returned to the leaderboard including RaydrsNapoleon, J.A.Raider, UL is my hot hot sex, offspring467, and Iaraiderfan.

I was hoping to get a little run going after landing in the top ten two straight weeks but I was knocked all the way down to 25 among the S&BP community this week (waw, waw). It is a humbling experience indeed. But I'll be back!

Nice work showing the rest of the NFL fans that Raider fans know their stuff. And for those who have not played yet, get in there and pick a team. You won't know how you ever did without it.

To pick a team, Click Here.