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Raiders report at the quarter pole

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In this video I give my run down on where the Raiders stand after the first quarter of the season as well as what lies ahead in the next quarter.

The coaches, players, and fans are feeling their way through this new team. We now have four games by which to get a good idea of where they stand. The outlook isn't great as the team is just 1-3 on the season.

While the defense giving up over 30 points three times while the offense has scored 14 points or fewer in all three of their losses.

Coming out of the bye week there will hopefully be some improvement both in scheme and preparedness. They defense has faced some of the best quarterbacks in the league in Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, and Peyton Manning. They are set to face another great quarterback in Matt Ryan this Sunday. This trial by fire could better prepare them for what lies ahead.

The offense has yet to get a run game going but much of that is simply a matter of the offensive line gelling and improving their zone blocking skills as they get more time in it.

The steady leadership of Carson Palmer will help matters. Most teams struggle because of issues at the quarterback position but the Raiders don't suffer from that and that should prove to be pretty important in this team's development.

I hope you enjoyed the video and let's get ready for the second quarter of the 2012 season.