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Raiders vs Falcons game thread: Second half

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These two teams came out doing what we expected them to do. The Falcons came out passing and the Raiders came out running. Both teams trying to focus on the other team's weakness. But the results have been unexpected.

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

The Falcons began moving the ball down the field through the air but that would end when Joselio Hanson stepped in front of a Matt Ryan pass for the Raiders first interception of the season.

The Raiders would take it right at the Falcons' weak run defense and looked good early. Then McFadden would fumble the ball and give the Falcons the ball right back. The Falcons would capitalize on the turnover with the first score of the game on a field goal.

Neither team was done doing things out of character, however. The Raiders intercepted the ball two more times in the first half. So they go from a complete interception drought and when it rains, it pours.

Sebastian Janikowski would hit a 52-yard field goal and the Raiders would score a touchdown off one of the interceptions on a 25 yard Denarius Moore catch and run.

The Falcons would mount one long drive to score a touchdown and we head into half with the Raiders up 13-7.

Now we will see if the Raiders can come out in the second half with some fire. They have been destroyed in the third quarter this season so what we see in the next 15:00 will be extremely important.

Apologies for the picture of the touchdown by Roddy White. It was the ONLY picture they had available in the images. Looks like there is some hating going on in the photographers at the game.

Let's get back to the action.