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Fantasy football advice Week 7

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Here we are at the precipice of a new week in our fantasy football lives! Here is some more truth for all of you readers. If you have any fantasy football questions you would like another perspective on feel free to ask in the comments section. Being the nerd that I am I would be happy to help you to the best of my ability.

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Undeniable Truth of the Week

Make sure that you always trust your gut when making decisions about your roster. You do not want to over think your roster. If you feel like one player is going to do better than another than play that guy. The moment you get into going back and forth about who to start you have already lost, because for some reason no matter who you choose at that point the other guy inevitably ends up being the proper play.

Just because you do not want to over think about who you want to play though does not mean you should not think at all about it. Take a look at your options and the match ups for that week before making your decision. Look at the previous few weeks production too. By looking at these trends and match ups you often will get a good idea on who to play anyway.

Take this information to make an educated guess on who is going to be the better starter, but as soon as you make that decision live or die by it. It does no good for you to torment yourself going back and forth on if you got it right because Its a guess anyway. Hopefully you are right, but no amount of going back and forth is going to help your cause because in the end nobody has a crystal ball on who is going to do what.

I can't tell you how many times it took me doing this to myself for me to finally trust my gut. Try and save yourself the headache by learning from my trial and errors instead of your own. You should take some time to figure out who you want to play but make a decision and do not look back. Just like for other things in life if you over think it you will tend to regret it.

ZzZzZzZ Sleepers

1. Kenny Britt, WR Tennessee Titans. He's about ready to start performing like he was last year before a major injury put him on IR. He is not a classic sleeper because his name is well known but he is owned in only 67% of Yahoo! Leagues so I am including him on this list. He is fully healed now and back in game shape so I expect his production to seriously increase. Also helping him is the reemergence of veteran Matt Hassleback as the starter. Matt has been around a long time (second oldest QB in the league) and knows to take advantage of miss matches.

Every week Britt's size and strength creates miss matches and Matt is going to be getting him the ball as often as possible. Britt had 4 catches for 61 yards and a TD in week 6 and is going to be looking to increase those numbers. He is ready to return to playmaker form and if he is available in your league go out and get him. Even if you don't need him go and get him just to keep him off of an opponents roster.

2. Legarrette Blount RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He's now ready to be a fantasy football option once again. Blount had a pretty impressive year last year only to be relegated to backup duty behind Rookie first round draft choice Doug Martin. With that backup duty came hardly any chances while the Bucs tried to get Martin acclimated to the NFL. With Martin now having experienced the NFL speed enough to get more used to it Tampa is now starting to give more touches to Blount.

This past week Blount had 7 carries for 58 yards and 1 TD which is a nice 6.8 ypc average. He will definitely start getting the ball a little more as a change of speed back after that performance and expect him with his size to start getting red zone touches. He is only owned in 18% of Yahoo! Leagues so if you need a running back he is worth a look.

3. Sidney Rice WR Seattle Seahawks. He's really benefited from the emergence of Golden Tate on the other side of him. He is known for his one good year in Minnesota with Brett Favre throwing the ball to him but has done very little in Seattle until just recently. He is now healthy again for the first time in over 2 years and is starting to develop chemistry with the young starter Russell Wilson in Seattle.

He has had two weeks in a row with decent production and with Wilson becoming more comfortable in the NFL I would expect Rice to continue to improve. The week before last is when he started gaining some chemistry with Wilson with 5 catches for 67 yards and then last week he had 3 catches for 81 yards (A whopping 27 ypc average) with a TD. He is owned in only 63% of Yahoo! Leagues and could really be a steal if he starts performing like he did with Favre in 2009.

Bench that guy

Steven Jackson RB St. Louis Rams. The one time Mega Star running back has reached 30 years of age and is definitely hitting the wall that comes with that for most running backs in the NFL. He has yet to score a TD in either rushing or receiving this year. He had his best game of the year last week against Miami with 52 yards rushing and 28 yards receiving but even that is not the type of performance we have grown to expect from Jackson. Steven is no longer the sole running back in St. Louis either. Rookie running back Daryl Richardson has been getting a number of carries too and deservedly so with him gaining 76 yards on only 11 carries against a very good Miami defense.

Another reason to sit Jackson is that he is playing against a Packers defense in week 7 that just completely shut down Arian Foster of the Texans to the tune of 17 carries for 29 yards. Foster did have 2 short TD runs from inside the 5 but still it left Foster with an average of 1.7 yards per carry and he is the elite rusher of the league. I would not expect Jackson to do much better and I would definitely not start him this week 7.