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S&BP Pick 6 week 6 leaderboard: Ready for week 7?

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Silver & Black Pride readers have really been killing it in Pick 6 lately. Last week, it was a S&BP member who took the top spot overall and this week UL is my hot hot sex comes in at number 8 overall.

Silver & Black Pride Pick 6 week 6 leaderboard
Silver & Black Pride Pick 6 week 6 leaderboard
by Levi Damien

As usual there are a few familiar top tenners this week. Our leader this week has been on the board quite a bit this season as has J.A.Raider who landed in the three spot last week. Also iaraiderfan and northernraider return to the leaderboard.

The most impressive thing about this week's rankings is the overall ranking. With UL is my hot hot sex and San Jose Raider landing in the top 50 overall and the entire top ten coming in among the top 225 site wide. That's quite impressive. Last week only the top three were in that range. What that says is Raider fans are pretty football savvy.

If you think you can make the leaderboard next week, get in there and pick a team. It's a weekly game which doesn't tally up the scores each week so you can jump in and play at any time.

To pick you six, Click here.