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49ers vs Seahawks Thursday Night Football game thread

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Week seven is here and the Thursday Night matchup is between two NFC West rivals, San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks.

Jay Drowns

The Raiders are pretty familiar with both of these teams. One of the bitter cross bay rival and the other is a former member of the AFC West.

These two teams also have a lot of connections with the Raiders. Raiders current defensive coordinator, Jason Tarver was the 49ers outside linebackers coach two seasons ago. Raiders current offensive coordinator, Greg Knapp, was the Seahawks offensive coordinator two seasons ago.

Former Raiders on the Seahawks include Zach Miller who signed with the team as a free agent in 2010. He followed Raiders' former head coach, Tom Cable there were Cable is now the offensive line coach. Pass rush specialist, Chris Clemons, also played a season with the Raiders

There is just one former Raider on the 49ers and that's the unmentionable formerly retired cancer receiver of whom a rolling stone would not gather.

The Seahawks are coming off a huge win over the Patriots while the 49ers are coming off an ugly loss to the Giants. But they look to be pretty evenly matches. This should be a good game.