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S&BP predicts week 7 matchups

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We now enter week seven so it is time for the Silver & Black Pride game predictions.


Week five was the best week of the season for predictions with most teams winning who were expected to win. Week six was the polar opposite of that. So, how did that happen?

Well, we the Titans upset the Steelers), Seahawks upset the Patriots, and Giants upset the 49ers. Those were all consensus incorrect picks. Rhynno was the only one who had the Browns over the Bengals, S.O.B. was the only one to pick the Jets over the Colts and Adam was the lone Bills believer. That's six games most or all of us got wrong. Ouch.

Only one of us came out of week six with a winning record-Rhynno. He rode that winning record from fifth among us to take the top spot in the overall. Pretty impressive considering the hits he took picking upsets a couple weeks ago.

The flip side was myself who had the top spot but had probably the worst prediction week I have ever had. I went 4-10 and dropped down to fifth after having been in one of the top two spots the previous five weeks of the season.

After a week in which none of us picked the Raiders to win, we are all back on the bandwagon, picking the Raiders to handle the Jaguars at home. Other consensus picks are the Giants, Packers, Vikings, and Patriots.

Rhynno S.O.B. RaiderWay Rdreamer Levi Adam
Week 6 total 8-6 7-7 6-8 5-9 4-10 7-7
Overall total 50-41 49-42 49-42 48-43 48-43 47-44
Seattle at San Francisco (Thurs) SF SF SF SF SEA SEA
Jacksonville at Oakland OAK OAK OAK OAK OAK OAK
Tennessee at Buffalo TEN BUF BUF TEN BUF BUF
Washington at NY Giants NYG NYG MYG NYG NYG NYG
New Orleans at Tampa Bay NO NO NO TB NO NO
Dallas at Carolina DAL DAL CAR DAL DAL DAL
Baltimore at Houston HOU HOU HOU BAL HOU BAL
Cleveland at Indianapolis IND IND IND CLE IND IND
Green Bay at St. Louis GB GB GB GB GB GB
Arizona at Minnesota MIN MIN MIN MIN MIN MIN
NY Jets at New England NE NE NE NE NE NE
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati CIN PIT PIT CIN PIT CIN
Detroit at Chicago (Mon) CHI CHI CHI CHI CHI DET