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Raiders reach blackout limit for week 7, game will be televised

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The Raiders home game versus the Jacksonville Jaguars will be televised after the team reached the minimum tickets sold necessary to air it in local markets.


The Raiders requested a 24 hour extension on Thursday in an attempt to get the necessary time to sell enough tickets to reach the 85% limit to televise the game locally. When teams ask for that extension, it means they are close enough by the deadline that they are fairly confident they will sell the remaining tickets.

This makes eleven straight home sellouts for the Raiders. They sold out all of their home games last season and the first two games this season. Those games were easier sells as it was the Monday Night Football opener against the rival Chargers and then against the historic rival Steelers in week three.

There isn't much of a draw with the Jaguars. They're considered one of the worst teams in the NFL and they aren't in the division. Combine that with the Raiders sitting at 1-4 and the fans are not overly excited for this matchup.

But with all that said, no worries for the home fans whether at the game or not. It will be televised.