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Live Chat with Levi Damien Presented By XFINITY

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While the Raiders get ready to take on the Jaguars in Oakland, let's talk behind their backs.

Grass on the field at
Grass on the field at
by Levi Damien

I'll be here for a half hour starting at noon to today to talk all things Raiders. I'll be chatting live from the press box at the game so feel free to ask anything you like about the Raiders. We can talk today's game, last week's game or whatever you like.

There's grass on the field. No dirt infield anymore. Nice pretty green field with the Raider shield in the middle.

So, let's open it up. You don't have to wait for me to arrive. Go ahead and throw out a few questions to get things started and I will jump in when we start the session and get the conversation going. any Raider question is fair game. Heck, we can even talk about my Ducks scoring 43 points against Arizona State in just over 18 minutes. Just steer clear of questions about my love life or how many comic books I have in my possession. One answer will be short and the other will be long and boring.

Let's do this.