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Chiefs Matt Cassell Sacked; demoted in favor of Brady Quinn

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Matt Cassell has officially been cleared to play this Sunday against the Raiders. Well, he has been cleared to play by the doctors after passing his concussion tests. Cassell, however, has not been cleared to play by Chiefs Head Coach Romeo Crennel who is deciding to still start QB Brady Quinn in his stead.

Jed Jacobsohn

Despite Cassell being healthy enough to play this Sunday the Chiefs are deciding to go in a different direction. Matt has clearly not lived up to his lofty contract and has officially been demoted to number two status. Those who watched Cassell play for much of his Chiefs career might say he had been at "number two" status for much of the time already.

This is no short tryout either. When asked how much patience Romeo would show Brady Quinn, Crennels response was that he did not want Brady to feel like he has to look over his shoulder. That is the kiss of death for a starting quarterback to hear and leaves little room for interpretation.

This is a new start for Brady Quinn who had failed on his first try when he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns back in 07. He then took a trip up to divisional rival Denver to be the Broncos 3rd string QB behind Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow.

This off-season Quinn went down to Kansas City to play. The most likely reason was his connection with Romeo who had drafted him when he was the Browns head coach. That decision is now paying off as Brady is getting a new chance to start after years of sitting on the bench biding his time.

I don't know if this is good or bad for the Raiders. They really haven't seen much out of Quinn in years and don't have nearly the amount of recent game film on him. On the other hand Quinn could come out and still look like a player that is not capable of running an NFL offense. We will get our answer this Sunday in the first installment of Raiders VS Chiefs in 2012.