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Lamarr Houston named AFC Defensive Player of the Week

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It was quite a coming out party for Lamarr Houston on Sunday. Not only did he register his first sack of the season but his overall dominant performance earned him AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors.

Stephen Dunn

Houston made the final and game clinching play of the game when Cecil Shorts III caught a short pass and he came up from behind to force a fumble. Joselio Hanson recovered the fumble and it set the Raiders up in field goal range.

"It's guys closing to the ball," said Lamarr Houston. "The wide receiver wasn't paying attention to me and I was just running (to the ball) like I was coached, and I ended up making a great play."

It was just the third play of overtime and two plays later, Sebastian Janikowski finished it off with a game-winning 40-yard field goal

But the game-deciding play was only the final great moment for the now reigning AFC DPOW in this game. He was in the Jaguars backfield all day long, pressuring the quarterback and stuffing the run. He led the Raiders with 8 tackles (5 solo) and most of them were at or near the line of scrimmage with two of them being tackles for loss.

He came shooting into the backfield on the Jaguars' second series to stuff the run for no gain. The series ended on the next play with a three and out. In the second quarter he had two QB pressures resulting in incompletions.

In the third quarter, the Jaguars were backed up at their own 7 yard line and Houston was in the backfield as usual to tackle Jaguars running back Rashad Jennings for a four yard loss. All the Jags could do after that was to avoid a possible safety and try to get some breathing room for a punt.

Later, the Jaguars would get the ball at the Raiders' 24 yard line after a strip sack on Carson Palmer. The defense needed to come through with a stop yet again to at least hold them to a field goal. Houston did one better when he sacked Chad Henne on third down to make that field goal a little longer.

Said Houston on the sack; "That's a great feeling, but when your teammates do their job and they give you time to get there, it makes you look good. My teammates were doing their job and the D line was doing their job."

We've seen flashes of the kind of play we saw from Houston in this game. This is the second time this season he was part of a fumble. The last time came against the Broncos when he didn't give up on the play and sprinted 50 yards downfield to recover a Demaryius Thomas fumble. But this was the first game Houston has showed an overall dominant performance and he very much earned the AFC Defensive Player of the Week award.