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Tamba Hali talks dirty about the Raiders

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Tamba Hali spoke to the media today about the Chiefs hated rival Raiders. And he had some pointed words about the Silver and Black.

Peter Aiken

The Raiders have long been seen as a "dirty" team. Their NFL record in penalties and penalty yards last season stands as evidence of that. And although by all indications they have turned things around this season under new head coach Dennis Allen, Tamba Hali still sees them as the Raiders of old.

"It's a tradition," Hali told Adam Teicher the Kansas city Star. "They come in, they cheapshot, they hit you. I'm not saying no names. We've got to be ready for that... You have to be prepared for that and stay with the game plan."

It's understandable that Hali would feel that way about the Raiders. Plus, he is also part of the rival Kansas City ketchup and mustard crew so he no likey the Silver & Black. The fact that he has never come off the field at Arrowhead a winner against the Raiders probably contributes to his disdain as well. So, you can understand the whining.

This is something Raider defensive lineman Richard Seymour doesn't understand.

"In terms of being dirty, going out to hurt guys, I don't think I play that way or any of my teammates (play that way)," said Seymour. "I don't stand for it. But we do play tough and physical."

The funny thing is, at Hali's position, you would think he would see the Broncos as the dirty team. After all, it's their offensive lineman who have been known for their dirty blocks over the years with Shannahan and the zone blocking scheme. Then again, he's 3-2 in his career at home against the Broncos. So, therefore less to stomp around about I suppose.