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Vikings vs Buccaneers Thursday Night open thread

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It's Thursday night and that means Thursday Night Football on NFL Network. I know you football fanatics have nothing you'd rather do than watch this game, even if you couldn't care less about the outcome.

Hannah Foslien

The Vikings are proving to be a pretty good team this year. Their defense is really good and their offense has surprised this year as well.

The biggest difference in the offense has been the play of second year quarterback Christian Ponder. His steady hand has allowed the rest of the Vikings offense to have success. The Vikings already had arguable the best running back in all of football in Adrian Peterson. He is playing well again this season despite having surgery on his knee that many thought would slow him down.

The Buccaneers have played well at times this season but have struggled overall. They are 2-4 and have one of the worst defenses in the league, giving up 323 yards per game. That's 31st in the NFL.

Their offense is not too great either although Josh Freeman ranks in the top ten among NFL quarterbacks and they have two good receivers in Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams.

The Buccaneers are the Raiders next opponent so Raiders fans may want to watch them to see what to expect next week. The Raiders will be watching.

As you can see, this matchup favors the Vikings. We'll see if it plays out that way.