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Raiderdamus' Friday Foretelling week 8: Raiders vs Chiefs

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That's great, but who are the Chefs?

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Greetings, Raider fans! It is I, RaiderDamus, your hero, your paragon of virtue, the poignant prince of prognostication. RaiderDamus is coming off a three-game "being correct" streak, although that coincides with two Raider losses and one win. RaiderDamus would rather the Raiders win than he be correct, but c'est la vie.

This week, the Raiders travel to Kansas City to take on the miserable Chefs, who are without their starting QB Matt Cassel. He sucks to be sure, but he's better than Brady Quinn. The aforementioned Quinn will have to try to solve the Raider defense, which will not be an easy task as the Raider defense is 13th overall in the league, The Raiders pass defense is ranked 22nd, but that is skewed by Ben Roethisberger's effort in a game the Raiders won. Jamaal Charles, the Chefs' best player, will have to deal with Oakland's 12th-ranked rush defense.

Expect to see a lot of Jamaal Charles, early and often. The Chefs will not want to expose Brady Quinn to danger by making him do more than he is capable of (which is just about anything), so they will rely on their ground game. That worked against the Saints' 31st ranked rush defense, but it won't work on Sunday.

This game will be a physical slugfest. Neither team will want to spend much time in the AFC West cellar with two decent teams at the top of the division. Both teams will see this as a winnable game and do whatever possible to keep it from slipping away. The future holds a lot of punts and several turnovers.

There is one trend that is positive for the Raiders going into the game (aside from Kansas City's trend of being awful), and that's the recent success Oakland has had playing in Arrowhead Stadium. The negative side of that is that Oakland has not won a road game this year.

This will be a close game. Kansas City does not have the ability to make this a blowout, and Oakland makes too many stupid mistakes to blow out the Chefs. This game might go into overtime.

Raiders win, 16-13.

Now, as there has been nothing funny whatsoever in this article, and I am known for being funny, I will leave you with a joke.

Q: Why do Kansas City Chiefs fans keep their season tickets on their dashboards?

A: So they can park in handicap spaces.