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5 good questions with Chiefs blog Arrowhead Pride

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I had a chance to speak with Matt Conner of the Pride of the Midwest over at Arrowhead Pride for this week's five good questions. Here is what he had to say.

The warning label on Kansas City BBQ. Is that a cape?
The warning label on Kansas City BBQ. Is that a cape?

1. Do you have any faith in Brady Quinn and do you think he is an upgrade over Matt Cassel?

Definitely not for the long run. At this point, it's about change for the sake of change. If anything, the offense is predicated on the run and the Chiefs get Peyton Hillis back this week, so it should improve regardless. Quarterback play on this team will be mediocre either way, as Quinn's first game results will attest -- 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions. That said, each week that passes with a new coordinator (Brian Daboll) will help, so the team should improve moving forward regardless of who is under center. But pound for pound, Quinn and Cassel are, to me, interchangeable.

2. Has Stanford Routt been what the Chiefs had hoped he would be this season?

Yes. It's not pennies on the dollar, but Routt came at a significantly reduced rate and commitment than Brandon Carr and the Chiefs have to feel okay about the difference. They miss Carr, no doubt about it. Carr has no interceptions in 2011, but the Cowboys have the second ranked pass defense in football. So the impact is there between Carr and Claiborne. Still, it was a nice proactive move by Pioli to get Routt when he did. Nice Plan B.

3. Would you say the Chiefs struggles are more a product of the quarterback play or the coaching and no adapting to Cassel's strengths?

The struggles are on the defensive side. The Chiefs are 8th in yard per game, but no one would know it with all of the Cassel/Quinn attention. The reality is a defense that was stout and solid last year has fallen apart. Eric Berry is a shell of his former self. Derrick Johnson has fallen off. Injuries have cost the team Glenn Dorsey and Kendrick Lewis among others.

4. What are the three strongest areas on the Chiefs?

The three strongest areas would be Jamaal Charles, the offensive line and the pass rush tandem of Tamba Hali and Justin Houston has been solid in 2012.

5. What are the three weakest areas on the Chiefs?

The coaching staff has to be blamed more than anything else for the inability to take this great team on paper and make it a reality. Certainly quarterback is the weakest area on the roster. Can Quinn and Cassel count as two of the three?

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