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Raiders at Chiefs game thread: Second half

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The Raiders begin the second half with some work to do. They will need some second half adjustments if they hope to put away the Chiefs. They lead 13-6 as we start the second half.

Jamie Squire

The Raiders have taken the ball away from the Chiefs twice in this game. One was an interception by Matt Giordano off an errant Brady Quinn pass. On the previous play, he was sacked by Rolando McClain and fumbled the ball. As it turned out, he was hurt on the play and following the interception, he left the game and didn't return. He was replaced by Matt Cassel.

Cassel has actually played pretty well since entering the game. The second turnover came when their return man muffed a punt and the Raiders got the ball in scoring position.

The Raiders took the field position and scored their only touchdown three plays later when Palmer and Denarius Moore hooked up in the back of the endzone. The Raiders were able to get on the board first thanks to a long catch and run by Denarius earlier in the game.

The no-huddle has not been very effective in this game which is an indication that the Chiefs have had two weeks to prepare for it. But despite the stalled drives by the Raiders, they have been able to capitalize on both Chiefs turnovers with a field goal and a touchdown.

Having the lead at halftime is not something the Raiders had against the Jaguars last week. Hopefully the defense can stiffen up the same as they did last week and the offense can make the halftime adjustments to counter the Chiefs cracking of their offensive attack.