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NFL Trade deadline extended due to Hurricane Sandy

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Thanks to Hurricane Sandy the trade deadline has been pushed back from 4:00 PM Est Tuesday the 30th to 4:00 PM Est Thursday November 1st. The Raiders appear to be quiet on the trade front but they are now being given two extra days to make a decision on if they want to make any moves.

Tom Pennington

The reason for the extension is that the NFL offices are going to be closed and therefore unable to process trade paperwork. They also figure teams on the East Coast have to worry about handling the storm more than making trades so they are giving them the extra time to get things together.

This is actually an advantage for the West Coast teams like the Raiders because they get the extra time without the worry of hurricane winds. Hopefully the Raiders can take advantage and find a worthy trade to make. However, if they weren't already ready to make a move by Tuesday afternoon I'm not sure that the extra 2 days will make much of a difference.

Just for fun and to see how creative our community here at S&BP is lets see some ideas for some possible trades that could go down in the near future. Trades involving the Raiders are great but even if its from other teams lets see what you got. We will find out soon if any of you out there are hiding a secret ability to be clairvoyant.