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Is it time for the Raiders to trade Rolando McClain?

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I know most of us here at S&BP are tired of the middle linebacker that was supposed to be the savior of the Raiders' defense. He has legal issues that are likely to effect his season next year and simply seems to not give full effort on every play. Maybe his perceived lack of effort is associated to his recent history of knee problems and a nagging ankle injury from week 1 but are injuries a relevant enough reason to keep giving him second chances?

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I know plenty of us have questioned his effort multiple times this season. This after he had gone through stem cell treatments on his knee in the off-season and proclaimed it to have been effective. The wear and tear of the NFL may have already made that effectiveness regress or his ankle injury that he incurred in the season opener against San Diego could still be having a noticeable effect on him. Even with the injuries the effort seems to just simply not be there from Rolando McClain.

Ankle injuries in particular can have a long ranging effect on players and are tough to heal fully sometimes. I still do not consider that to be a good enough reason to see him jogging time and time again. I would rather see him giving full effort on every play with a grimace from the pain than to see him obviously not give full effort on every play. The fact that doesn't, raises durability questions as well as compound his lack of heart on the playing field and just adds to a list of reasons to trade him.

He seems a step slow more often than not and we have yet to see him lower the boom on anybody in the regular season like he did on Dallas Cowboys TE Jason Witten in the preseason. He is a liability in coverage which has been shown time and time again, and he does not have any sacks on the year either. It's possible he just simply does not fit in the system.

If he does not start playing better then his value will continue to plummet. Right now this team has desperate needs in the secondary and somebody might be willing to take phone calls for the supposed leader of our linebacking corps. You can't even really call him that anymore as Phillip Wheeler has surpassed him in every aspect of the game at this point of the year. Yet Rolando is still the defensive playcaller on the field.

Maybe if Rolando was not so stand offish with the fans and media then we wouldn't judge him so severely. He only speaks to the media one day a week during the season after not giving a single interview during camp and preseason. He was supposed to be one of the best players and leaders on this team but he will not give barely a second of his time to connect with those of us who bleed Silver and Black.

Early on he used the excuse that he will give interviews when the O.Co starts selling out every game but It seems to me that he used that as an excuse to not talk to the media.

Excuses are overrated anyway. He has not really embraced the Raider Nation and is not contributing positively on the field. It is now time to see what the Raiders can get for him to fix other areas of the defense and allow him the chance to move on to a new system and new organization that might better fit him. Part of the problem with trading him is that the Raiders don't have a clear cut replacement on the roster.

I don't know what the Raiders could get for him in trade, but I do know what this team has gotten out of him so far this season. Whatever his trade value is, it's more than what his value has been on the field for the Oakland Raiders. The fact that he is still facing jail time for his involvement in the altercation in Alabama still does not sit well either.

Let me know what your opinion is in the Poll. Also, include any trade ideas you may have in the comments section, we have two weeks to kill before the Raiders play again.