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Raiders to get bumped to Monday Night Football?

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There is a scenario that could have the Raiders home game versus the Jaguars bumped to Monday Night Football.

Thearon W. Henderson - Getty Images

It could happen. The Raiders home game versus the Jaguars could be bumped to a Monday night game. Yes, the Raiders and Jaguars. Two of the least likely Monday Night football teams in the league right now. But not because those making the programming think it's a hot matchup. It's because of the A's. Yes, the A's as in the Oakland Athletics with whom the Raiders share Coliseum.

It does get a little complicated. Here is the scenario:

The A's are playing the Rangers today to decide the American League West. If the A's beat the Rangers and win the AL West, they will get home field advantage in the playoffs. That's the first step.

Then they must win the AL Division Series and move on to the AL Championship Series. That's the second step.

Once they make the ALCS, if it goes seven games, that seventh game would be a home game for the A's that falls on Sunday, October 21 which is the same day as the Raiders' home game against the Jaguars.

If that scenario were to play out, the Raiders and Jaguars would be bumped to Monday Night Football October 22nd.

Normally this time of year, the next time the Raiders saw their home field, it would have the previous dirt infield sodded over. Now not only might the dirt remain but they may get bumped off of said dirt field and onto prime time. We'll see how it plays out.