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Dennis Allen explains laughing handshake after loss to Broncos

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Last Sunday the Raiders lost 37-6 to the Broncos in Denver. After the game the two head coaches came out for their ceremonial handshake/hug. This time, the two head coaches have recent history as Dennis Allen was the defensive coordinator under Broncos head coach John Fox just last season.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

The embrace between the two was not looked upon fondly by many Raider fans but I had no issue with it because it makes sense. They are friends and respect one another. The only issue I saw was the fact that Dennis Allen was smiling and laughing after the two embraced. That part seemed odd. And when a photographer captured the moment, it really began to draw the ire of Raider fans.

It makes sense considering just how badly the Raiders were beaten in Denver. Not to mention it was a loss to such a hated rival. So, regardless of Allen's connection with the head coach and the team, it was not a good moment that was immortalized on film for all to see.

On Wednesday, Dennis Allen was asked about itand attempted to explain just why he was so jovial following such an embarrassing loss.

"But the question that [John Fox] asked me was, ‘Did you make it out healthy?' And with the health of our corners, with the health of our tackles, with the health of our wide receivers, I couldn't help but get a chuckle out of it."

Despite the momentary chuckle, Allen insisted he was not happy in the least about what transpired against the Broncos that day.

"I think everybody here within this organization knows that I take this very seriously," said Allen. "I don't laugh at getting beat like that, but it was a reaction to a question that, ‘No, we didn't make it out healthy because we didn't go into it healthy."

It's a rookie head coach mistake. He has been the head coach of the Raiders for just four regular season games. The relationship with Fox and the Broncos is still fresh. A lot of fans were angry about the way the Raiders looked on Sunday and many place a lot of the blame on Allen. That moment makes him an even easier target for ridicule. But Allen understands that if even only in hindsight.

It's yet another step in a learning process that has only just begun for the first time head coach.