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Fantasy football advice week 9

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Another week in the books and now we get into the nitty gritty of the fantasy football league seasons. Now is the time to get your team ready for the long haul if you are still in it to win it!

Scott Cunningham

Undeniable Truth of the Week

At this point of the year in your fantasy football league the winners are starting to separate from the losers. This is the perfect time to search for a trading partner because of that. People are desperate and need to make moves to change up their teams so they are now ready to part with good players just to try and change things up.

Take advantage of this time by looking around your leagues and sizing up rosters of teams that are on the losing side of the records. Don't be the guy that talks his friend into trading away all their good players for terrible players just so that you get an all star team though because that is not good sportsmanship.

However, that doesn't mean that if somebody offers you a gift of a trade you should not accept it, just make sure that it isn't an obviously unfair trade that will be looked down upon by your other league members. That is the type of thing that might just make you unwelcome to return to your league in the following seasons, especially if there is some money on the line.

In one of my leagues I made a trade that is a good example for a fair trade but one that obviously wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the other team manager being desperate. They needed a quarterback and I had Phillip Rivers on my bench. I traded Rivers and Redskins running back Alfred Morris for Chris Johnson and Dwayne Bowe.

There is no way that this trade happens earlier in the year since the two players I got in the deal are stars, but I did give up decent talent to get the trade to happen. Its a great example of how I got the definitely better part of a trade while not being an obviously unfair and unsportsmanlike trade. This is the type of trade that you should go and look for in your league with a team that needs to change things up or be left way outside the playoff picture.

Best Match-Ups of the Week

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Michael Vick-- His job is on the line and if he doesn't play well he will no longer be the Eagles starter. It might already be too late for Vick if Andy Reid (who is also on a very hot seat) decides he can't wait any longer to make a change. The Eagles are playing the Saints though and this would be a good time for Vick to have a big game. Everybody puts up huge points on NO and I expect the Eagles to be no different. I think Vick gets the start and has a big game.

Reggie Bush-- Bush started of the year strong but got injured. Now he is back and starting to look healthy again. After a big war of words with the Jets Antonio Cromartie all week Reggie is going to be fired up and ready to go. The Dolphins play Indianapolis who has never had a good rushing defense. I expect Reggie Bush to have a big game this week and I definitely think he is a must play.

Matt Stafford-- I don't think there has been a bigger fantasy football disappointment than Matt Stafford. Despite his lack of success this year and Jacksonville's recent hard fought losses against the Raiders and Packers I think Stafford has an excellent match up this week. He had a strong week last week finally and now has the chance to play one of the worst teams record wise in the league. Stafford is going to look to build on his big performance last week and has a great match up to do so.

Worst Match-Ups of the Week

Randall Cobb, James Jones, Jermichael Finley-- The Packers are playing a good Arizona defense and are coming off a poor performance. Despite the Cardinals recent woes they still have an excellent pass rush and if there is one suspect area of the Packers offense it is their OLine. Rodgers is coming off a poor performance to barely beat the Jags and now plays one of the best defenses in the league. They still have an excellent passing attack and could still burn the Cardinals but I would be very cautious about playing any of the Packers receivers, especially if Jordy Nelson ends up missing a second straight game.

Stevie Johnson-- The Buffalo Bills wide receiver has not been living up to his contract he signed this off-season and now is going to go up against arguably the best defense in the league this week in Houston. I expect the Bills to get blown out of this game and for the Texans to really be ready to roll after their bye week this past week. I would not be playing Johnson if I had him on my team unless there were no other legitimate options.

Jered Cook, Nate Washington, and Kenny Britt-- The Titans have to play the Bears and there is not a team in the league that I would rather not pass against more so than the Bears. Matt Hassleback had an incredibly efficient game last week but it would take a lot for him to have a repeat performance. I don't see that happening. If the Titans do end up playing well it most likely will be because of the legs of Chris Johnson and not the arm of Matt Hassleback. I would not be comfortable playing any pass catcher for the Titans this week vs the Bears.