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S&BP Pick 6 Leaderboard; Ready for week 5?

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It's Pick 6 Fantasy Football time again. Where you pick a new six players each week to see how well you can predict the top scorers.

Hapyorange takes the top spot among S&BP readers. His score 0f 92.5 puts him at 17th overall which is the best ranking for an S&BP reader this season. So congrats Hapyorange on your solid football knowledge.

Taking the top spot in the overall ranking was a Kris Gearhart from the Buffalo Bills blog Buffalo Rumblings. Oddly enough, that makes the third time in the first four weeks that someone from Buffalo Rumblings took the top spot. Seems a bit suspicious but whatever.

The S&BP Pick 6 leaderboard has changed up quite a bit each week. I came in at number three last week and dropped to number nine. Drcyberdude takes the fourth spot for the second week in a row and nothernraider moves up from number ten last week to number six this week.

You think you know your stuff and can make this board next week? Get a Pick 6 team and prove it. It's an entirely new team every week so you don't have to have played in previous weeks.

To pick a team, Click Here