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Raiders don't work out any players during bye week

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It was a little over a week ago the last time the Raiders took the field in Denver. That game was to send the team into their bye week and therefore leave a lasting impression on the team and the fans. That impression was not at all a good one.

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The Raiders were beaten badly by the Broncos, 35-6. It left many fans thinking the bye week may have come at a perfect time as it allowed the team to seek to make some major changes. And to make those changes, it would probably have to come in the way of personnel. Dennis Allen said today that not only have there not been any additions, but the team didn't even have any players in for a workout.

"I wouldn't expect a bunch of wholesale changes," added Allen. "We've put a lot of time into the guys out there that we have on the field but we're gonna continue to evaluate that as we go through and whatever lineup changes that we feel are necessary to maybe give us a boost and help us play a bit better, we'll make those changes."

This suggests there could be some scheme and lineup changes but whatever those changes, there will be no additional players with which to work. The only addition will be Andre Carter who was signed two weeks ago and has yet to take the field for the team.

So, if you were hoping for blockbuster trades during the bye week, this will be a disappointment. On the anniversary of the death of Al Davis, here is another reminder that this isn't the same Raiders.