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Let's talk week 6 power rankings

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This week's power rankings are out around the sports world including the SB Nation version. But where do the Raiders belong? Does it really matter how near they are to the bottom of the rankings? Some think it does. And it makes for interesting fodder.

After week four, the Raiders were ranked 31, just ahead of the winless Browns. I saw no argument from Raiders fans about this ranking. Truth is, they played like a bottom dwelling team in week four. But are they really the worst one-win team in the NFL?

The bye week stood to move the Raiders up the power rankings but based on the SBN rankings, it was just one spot. The Titans dropped to the 32 spot after all four of their losses have been by at least three touchdowns.

If I were to put this together, I would have placed the Jaguars (1-4) and possibly the Chiefs (1-4) below the Raiders (1-3) in the power rankings. I mention the Chiefs not just because they have a worse record but because while they are a bad team with Matt Cassel, they would be even worse without him. On the other hand, at least they have a running game. Something the Raiders do not have right now. And the Raiders stand to fall back to down after facing the 5-0 Falcons in Atlanta on Sunday.

Those teams which are too low in these rankings are the Dolphins (26) and Rams (20). The two teams ranked too high are the two Pennsylvania teams-- the Steelers (8) and Eagles (10). Neither of those are top ten teams. Hell, the 30th ranked team beat the Steelers and they beat the Eagles.


What do you think of the Raiders' being ranked 30th in the latest power rankings?

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