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Chiefs vs Chargers Thursday Night game thread

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Two AFC West rivals face off tonight as the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers both try to stay out of the division cellar.


Neither of these two teams have done much of late to earn any kind of respect. The Chargers just lost to the Browns in a game the Chargers were unable to score a single touchdown. The barnburner ended with a 7-6 victory by the upstart Browns.

The Chiefs just suffered a demoralizing loss to the Raiders at home for the sixth straight season. They are so bad, they have not led in a game all season long. Not once. They have one win thanks a last second field goal. Their defense is among the worst in the league and their offense is a mess.

The Chargers have at least shown moments of good play. That makes sense considering Philip Rivers is a far better quarterback than Matt Cassel or his temporary replacement from last week-Brady Quinn. Norv Turner, while he may never win any important games, is a better coach than Romeo Crennel. That isn't exactly saying much though considering how plain terrible Crennel is.

If the Chiefs win, they will still be in last place in the division at 2-5 but will have some bragging rights and would thoroughly enjoy aiding in the Chargers downfall.

If the Chargers win, which they are expected to do, they would be back at .500 with a 4-4 record. The Raiders would have to win this week to keep up otherwise they would be back in sole possession of third place instead of tied for second place.

Division teams should always interest Raider fans and when division teams play each other, that's a double whammy. Add to it there are the only game on TV that night and there is no reason not to tune in. Like you have something better to do.

This should be fun.