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S&BP Pick 6 week 8 leaderboard; Get your week 9 picks in today

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We take a look at last week's Pick 6 leaderboard as we prepare for week 9 of the NFL season.

Pick 6 week 8 leaderboard
Pick 6 week 8 leaderboard
Levi Damien

Winning the Silver & Black Pride Pick 6 game this week is black patch and silver swords. He is new to the S&BP leaderboard which goes to show you anyone can jump in a win it any given week. Just like the NFL.

Making his third straight appearance at the number three spot is HumorousFiend. While he can't quite get past that third ranked barrier, it is still impressive to grab that number three spot each week.

Others returning to the leaderboard from last week are Turbotimez who held the number two spot last week and RaidersEast who was at number six last week. Yet again, I couldn't crack the top ten so these guys are beating the crap outta me.

There were no S&BP member to get into the top 50 overall this week-something we have done five times this season including having the top spot overall in week 5. However, most of the S&BP leaderboard is among the top 200 which is still pretty good.

We can do better so get in there and pick a team and up the odds. It is a weekly game so you don't have to have played before. Each week is a clean slate.

To pick your team, Click here.