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Raiders need another extension from NFL to avoid blackout

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Once again the Raiders have been granted an extension from the NFL to sell enough tickets to avoid local blackouts of the game within a 75 mile radius of the stadium. Originally reported by, the Raiders now have 24 hours to sell the remaining tickets to reach the 85% mark the NFL requires for the games to be televised in the local markets.

Doug Pensinger

It is once again time to help out your fellow Raider Nation brethren by purchasing a ticket to Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If you live near enough and can afford to go that is of course!

It would be especially sad to go through a local blackout now that the Raiders have won two straight games and are right back in the thick of the AFCW race. Lets all hope that the local fans get to watch this game and that enough fans buy tickets to avoid the dreaded blackout.

It looks to have been a good thing for the Raiders that the NFL lowered the required ticket sale threshold to avoid the local blackouts. This is two home games in a row that the Raiders have needed an extension to sell enough tickets and it would have been even harder if they still had to sell 100% of tickets to avoid the blackout instead of the new mark of 85%.

The Raiders are on the verge of gaining respect around the league if they can win this tough match-up Sunday. If your thinking of seeing a game it would be a good game to see so get out there and support your team if you can!